Site updates Showcase Live

We are still adding projects into the Showcase section, so be sure to visit us again after a few days.

Workshop  End of March

This section will be an area where we do lots of experimentation with photography, hand drawings, digital experiments and nice surprises. It is an area where we think will help us express what we want without the pressure and timelines of actual commissioned projects. We are also aiming to create some nice books from this workshop.

Radio  End of April

We plan to have interviews of Atomic Attack's favourite djs and artists from around the globe. Also hoping there will be an exclusive mix from these artists. Inbetween we will provide radio shows of our own tunes for the month whether as a mix or in a mixtape style. Be sure to visit the site again for more updates.

Store  Sometime mid year

With such a busy schedule in the coming months, Claudy and I are planning to produce some products by mid year. June/July will be an exciting few months for us!!

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Posted by Calvin on March 5, 2009 at 5:39 AM